Comments from employees

“Importance is attached to progress here.”

Frank Dobler, HR Business Partner

Uhlmann has always had a great number of employees who do not just work, but put their heart and soul into their job. That makes working together every day tremendously rewarding and acts as an incentive to pass on this mindset. It is always good to see how employees develop personally and professionally, and to be able to accompany them along their career path at Uhlmann. Several success stories can be identified, of which the company can be very proud.

“Here I meet new, exciting challenges every day.”

Anna Steigerwald, Head of Sales Tools & Templates

In my area of responsibility in Central Sales Support, I assist our company offices worldwide and I am regularly involved in international projects. Included here is the organization of virtual meetings in English, the scheduling of which must take the different time zones into account. Culture differences also have to be overcome. This international teamwork encourages me time and again, and very exciting, new challenges await me every day.

“My job links work with passion.”

Werner Osis, Team Leader Car Services

The vehicle fleet is my field of work. Company cars, which I tend to, have challenged me for years due to ever-changing technology and features. Our fleet team ensures that the vehicles are maintained and meet the latest safety standards when they are handed over to employees. The organization of journeys with customers, who come from all over the world, is largely the responsibility of the fleet team. Safety and a good impression toward the customer have top priority for the team.

“Always on the move. That is my world.”

Dirk Westenberger, Assembly Technician

The job of an assembly technician at Uhlmann is very varied. What particularly appeals to me are the extensive traveling domestically and abroad, and the opportunity to apply my skills on site for the customer. In addition, the many joint activities (soccer tournaments, ski trips, etc.) outside work contribute to the great team spirit at Uhlmann.

“Employed here, I am able to reconcile work and family.”

Marion Cascorbi, Office Manager, Purchasing & Logistics

The companionship, solidarity, and team spirit are an everyday motivation to do one’s best, and even a bit more sometimes. The flexible structure of my working hours enables me to reconcile work and family life. The mind is then able to concentrate on what it should!

“Active involvement in technical progress.”

Michael Fuger, Team Leader Process Preparation, Manufacturing

Involvement in cross-functional projects gives an insight into the work of the respective divisions. That the company keeps abreast of technical progress and expects this of its employees is also a very positive factor in my opinion. Furthermore, it is always interesting to work with colleagues from the other Group Companies.

“Always fascinating. Internally and externally.”

Anna Schoch, Project Assistant, Bottle Packaging Systems

I was able to gain experience in various departments during my training. I not only became familiar with the processes and structures of the company, but also got to know the colleagues responsible for these processes. In my job as Project Assistant, I find the contact with our international customers very interesting. Every country has different forms of social convention and its own etiquette that is to be respected.

“Committed to people worldwide.”

Reiner Freund, Sales Support Engineer, Sales West

Working as a support engineer in Sales, I find that the guiding principle “Committed to people” applies particularly well to our division. It is important to me to bring across our machine technology, and to inspire customers and interested parties with innovative products.