Flexible working time
All our employees are contracted to work 35 hours regularly each week. Flexible working time schemes help to successfully implement the individual plans of our employees in consideration of company interests. 

Part time work 
Depending on the line of work we offer various part time schemes or job sharing to our employees. We try to incorporate all requests, which is evident through the approx 70 part time schemes currently active.

Working time account for life
Our employees can use hours which they have saved in their long term working time account since 1997 to create some free time in consideration with company needs. In the past they have been used for world tours, sabbaticals, family time, external further education or early retirement.

Holiday club for children
During the school holidays we offer a holiday club to all employee’s children age 4-12 years. This is run in co-operation with other local companies. Experienced educators look after your child and develop a great program with changing themes.

Day Nursery Place
As a family-friendly workplace we subsidise the day nursery „Regenbogen“ in Laupheim. Therefore there is always access to 2 part time or 1 full time space in this nursery which we allocate to children with working parents. Children from 9 weeks to 3 years will be cared for.

Uhlmann holiday home
Holidays and relaxation are important. For this reason Uhlmann has rented a holiday home for their employees for the last 30 years. The holiday home in the Allgäu area is ideal for hiking and skiing. Just outside Überlingen our employees can enjoy the flair of Lake Constance with all its attractions.

Leisure and Colleagues
At Uhlmann great importance is attached to Teamwork and Co-operation. Numerous regular activities like football, cycling, running, skiing or motorbike excursions are in great demand and are supported by us.