Our values


We are strong when

  • we inspire our customers.
  • we apply strategic foresight to recognize market needs and act accordingly.
  • we have an excellent market presence and penetration.
  • our product portfolio is the benchmark in the industry.
  • our financial resources ensure our independence, give us security and allow necessary future investments.

Open minded

We are open-minded when

  • we watch out for ideas and trends and thus give the sector fresh impetus.
  • constructive criticism helps us to continually improve to the benefit of our customers and employees.
  • we treat each other with respect.


We are reliable when

  • our customers are always able to count on us.
  • we keep to our commitments.
  • we treat customers, suppliers and employees as partners in a genuine manner.

Our mission – your success

  • We are specialists in pharmaceutical packaging.
  • What we do, we do properly.
  • What we do promotes your and our strength.