Inspiring through experience

What could be more fascinating than to link theory and practice? As a co-operation partner for schools in Laupheim our support is not only material but also educational. Interview training, work experience or technical lessons – there is no end to the creativity.

This is not only a benefit for the pupils – some of the resulting questions are also thought-provoking for us.

Education partnership

An education partnership has been in existence for a few years between Uhlmann and two local schools, the Friedrich-Uhlmann-Werkrealschule and the Carl-Lämmle-Gymnasium.

Through this the pupils have the opportunity to explore different areas of the business world in real live scenarios. The aim is to convey some experiences and understanding of the working environment to young people as it is an important step for the choice of their future career.

Pupil Engineer Academy
The Schüler-Ingenieur-Akademie (SIA) offers pupils the possibility to explore and challenge their own skills and to get an insight into the business world.

The aim is for a group of people to solve a „small“ technical challenge providing the best possible solution. Teamwork is the main focus here: planning and subsequently building together is the target of each team. Uhlmann is supporting this project at three schools in the Biberach district.

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